salute to the nature

salute to the nature

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sunday, December 28, 2008

maal hijrah

post khas untuk maal hijrah. nothing to write actually. Azam tahun baru dah berlegar-legar dalam kepala hotak ni, just nak tunggu di tulis keluar je. Tunggu 31 disember nanti. Sblm tu nak kena buat post mortem azam tahun lepas. Mana satu yang tercapai, mana satu yang tak terbuat. hehheh... rasanya banyak juga yang tak terbuat. hehe...

lately makan banyak la.... risau juga... sblm ni tak lalu makan.. tiba2 terasa nak makan je..... ishh.... nak kena get back in track ni... dah jauh terpesong.

ok. So, OFFICIALLY, That will be my first commitment i announce to public. GET BACK IN DIET TRACK AND CONTROL APPETITE SERIOUSLY. or... the usual phrase i always use in my meal diary... WATCH WHAT I EAT. hahaha...

mmm... need to think about the next new year wish and will. see ya.. daaaa

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Review d' get 2gether @ de palma cafe SACC

WHAT : family Redzwan d' get together
WHEN : 24 december 2008
WHERE : de palma cafe SACC Shah Alam
WHO : anak2, menantu2, cucu2, dan cicit2 atuk redzwan (will describe later)

What's hot....

THE FOOD - buffet style. light-light only maa... ada kue tiow goreng, fish and chip, mash potato, garden salad, karipap, fruits like tembikai, honeydew, papaya, and pudding (or should i call lengkong?) which is milk flavour and current flavour. and oh ya... thare's a cake (chocolate sponge cake) that's all i think... dun't remember much about that.

THE ENVIRONMENT - i describe it as ok. from 5 i can give 3? well... i'm to nice, isn't it? haha..

THE PEOPLE - people are really get together. getting to know each other. even there's 1 cucu atuk yg baru 1st time i jumpa!! he is uncle din's son. never meet him and his family b4 (ever!) sbb selalu clash bila balik raya... oh, ya. golongan yang paling get together malam tu adalah budak2!! haha... cucu2 atuk yang kecil (anak2 aunty vee) dengan cicit2 atuk (anak mia 2, anak adra 1, cucu uncle din 1) Juwita even got a new friend there... cucu uncle din yg umurnya around 1 year. they both attract to each other. haha... sweet.....

OVERALL - yang datang mlm tu adalah...
- maklong's family with their sons and doters...and cucu...
- uncle apis with his wife and anak dara nye...
- aunty syahid's family
- aunty nora & nen
- aunty ibah
- aunty vee with her doter and sons
- me & my family plus rauf (represent uncle halim's family- that's my father lor...)
- uncle din's son & his wife and kid. (represent uncle din's family)

THE NOT SO COOL - unfortunately, we didn't take any picture for that night!! forget to bring it!!!! sayang betul....

thats all for now. oh ya...

POINT OF VIEW - acara mcm ni mmg bagus utk di lakukan sekali sekala utk saling mengenali dan mengeratkan tali persaudaraan (cheewahh!!) next time should make it even better. A real family day maybe? 2 days 1 night vacation in selected places and its gonna be a lot of activities for all the member. that sound really interesting rite... haha... just my 2cent. Such activity need a real cooperation from all and proper management incharge to make it come true.

lastly..... i wish to you all....

Tuesday, December 23, 2008





sooooo bad mood :(

shame on me... after a long rest and holiday, i start my blog with sad. sooooooo sad......... no other words. no explanation.... nothing.

I'm lost

i'm alone

i'm cold and wet.....

i'm hopeless...

no matter how hard i try, things are getting bad and bad... even worse

the only thing that make me smile........................................ my heart, my love, my life...JUWITA AISHA. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH :)


The lesson is...
ONE, money could not bring u everything. U cannot buy happiness.
TWO, patience patience and more patience...
THREE, silence is golden
FOUR, have time with myself, take time-out before i explode!!

a bit survey on myself, i realize that....
- i lack of sleep. from last two week until last night i just sleep about 5 hour per night?.. and that is not a straight 5 hour... wake up every 2 hour and find it difficult to continue sleeping afterward.
- im having back pain and lower back pain. which is quite serious, sometime cannot wake up from bed in the morning.
- i lost my appetite. like today, the only thing that went into my mouth is biskut kering and milo (itu pon mcm tak selera je nak telan)
- i feel lost, alone, un-appreciated. most of the time

OMG... am i having a DEPRESSION? right now... honestly speaking, i don't know.

i just thing about how to manage this family and every individual among my family (which is juwita and my hubby). Because no matter hard i try, i still make mistake, i can't be a perfect mother, and i cannot be a perfect wife.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

raya haji

cuti raya haji kali ni memang agak lama... dapatlah lepaskan lelah dan letih bekerja selama ni. Dapat juga balik kampung kat Batu Pahat, rumah atuk belah abah. Kiranya ini kali pertama Juwita ke sana. Abg syg pula dah kali kedua ke rumah itu.

Makan pon macam-macam ragam juga. Ada nasi tomato, laksa johor, ketupat, dan ada satu jenis makanan tradisi orang bugis.... burasak. Rasanya lemak-lemak masin, sebab masak nya nasi tu dengan santan dan garam, kemudian di bungkus dengan daun pisang dan direbus.

uish.... kenyang betul... banyak betul makan sepanjang cuti ni... adakah berat badanku bertambah?? ntah la.. tak berani lagi nak naik penimbang tu hehehehe

juwita dah 8 bulan. sekarang dah boleh merangkak, duduk, berdiri dan panjat2. dah pandai makan finger food, dah pandai menjerit, panggil abah dan cakap "mey mey mey" bila nak susu. hehe

harini nak keluar beli wallet/purse. harap2 abg syg dapat balik kerja awal harini.

Friday, December 5, 2008

buka album lama

palm tree : in my parent's house

owhh.... breastfeeding in public? : not an issue : as long as u know how to :)

a big smile : gendang gendut tali kecapi....

laptop abg syg dah ok semula. So, dengan gembiranya semua gambar-gambar koleksi dulu-dulu dapat diselamatkan. yeay!!! ini sedikit dari koleksi yang boleh dikongsi bersama

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

struggling and always be

not my legs... mine are slim but not that long...

aiyo..... dun't know how to start. Biasalah masalah pompuan always struggling with weight problem!!!! since i decided to be slim (that was about 5 years ago... i think...) until now, that is the major things in my brain.

the only time i did not think about being slim is when i was pregnant (that was 1 and a half year ago...) i go through the whole pregnancy without thinking of being fat (because i know it will be no matter what) but, maybe because it's already become a habit, i still counting the calory intake!!! haha...

right after delivered the baby (that was 7 month ago ya) the first thing i did when reach home is step up on weight scale and make a new target. Of course the target must be "logic" and "can be reach"... my weight that time is 48kg (quite scary coz the meter almost reach the number 50..) so i set the target 45kg.

losing weight after pregnancy is the most critical part. You have to eat right to recover your body from labour experience, you also have to eat healthy to produce milk (to breastfeed also require at least 500 calory per day), so you need more healthy food to give you more energy to cope all that. (dun't forget all the new role that you have to cope now.... really tiring and overwhelming)

At the same time, you cannot exercise just yet!!! only light floor exercise advisable and experts say only start normal exercise after 3 to 4 month after birth. This is to make sure your felvic floor and other inner body ready completely for all this major exercise.

to make it short, getting slim after pregnancy is about slow and steady. no rush and no pain.

HOWEVER, i manage to go through all this, and i prove it to the world that i can get a pre-pregnancy shape again!! i am now slimmer and slender.

you go girl!!!!

oh, ya.... 1 more secret of losing weight...............................BREAST
You lost about 500 calory just by giving her/him the best nutrition ever. Macam serampang 2 mata la kan... dua-dua dapat benefit. haha.. (betul2 promote breastfeeding ni. it's a miracle of being a mother).

hoping that it will be my picture? haha.... mimpi la....

Monday, November 24, 2008

oh Juwitaku

pic. of juwita with nabila

pic. of juwita alone: smiling

still no interesting topic. next 2 week dah nak balik raya haji (yeay!!!! tak sabar rasanya) hari ni macam biasa, bangun tido, buat sarapan, basuh baju, sidai baju, lipat baju, mandikan juwita, bagi makan juwita, tido kan juwita, main dgn juwita, serve internet, chatting, and so on.... sampai malam pehtu tidoq la... maleh la nak tulis semua aktiviti kan... macam gayat je pulak heh heh

Juwita Aisha almost 8 month. Sekarang dah boleh duduk sendiri without supported. Merangkak pon boleh tapi dia malas sket nak gerak.... sibuk nak berdiri je pulak. ok, nak sambung chatting.... taaaa

Thursday, November 20, 2008


actually no topic for today. meroyan je sorang2. laman web server down lagi (hampess sungguh server ni... dah berapa kali mcm ni dalam bulan ni je... tension sungguh!!)

Juwita tengah tido...zzzzzzz

abg syg gi keje... rajin abg syg cari duet... hehehe... leh la kecek2 nak mintak baju baru... hehe

ermmm... mama, ain dan yaop bermalam dirumah kami kelmarin. Juwita pon ape lagi, kenal tak kenal... nak main tapi takut... jadi koala bear aje la dia dgn ibunya ni. Mama dtg rumah, tp mama yang masak dinner (hampes punya tuan rumah hehehe)

semalam gi shopping @ikea & ikano... Juwita beli soft toy baru... kemain suka lagi. ruam kat badan terus ilang je (mmg kaki shopping la budak kenit tu... mcm ibu dia jgk... good girl)

petang semalam juga, after mama and the gang balik, adik abgsyg pulak datang, Naza. Dia dah cuti semester (universiti pertahanan taww) so nak keje part time dgn abg syg. Naza akan duduk sini maybe dlm sebulan kot...Tu lah harini Abg big boss nak ajar dia selok belok KL, PJ, dan klang valley... dia jd tukang hantar brg kot... n buat segala kerja2 sampingan yg lain lagi... alhamdulillah, ringan sikit kerja abg syg nanti..

oh ya.. Juwita now dah moving... in many ways!! kengkadang mengengsot, kengkadang merangkak... now she become 'smally-cutey-mobile-things' in da house!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

akhirnya dapat beli jgk...

akhirnya!!! berjaya juga membeli buku ni. Dah lama usha kat MPH, kat Borders, kat Popular... pendek kata kat mana-mana kedai buku lah. Tiap kali tengok buku ni kat display, mesti selak... pastu tgk2 harga, then telan air liur... mahai nyeee... RM140++ kengkadang tu ada juga yang jual murah sikit (tak ingat kat mana) around RM120++ uiii, still pricy.. walaupon sebenarnya kalau compare harga tu dgn isi kandungan nya, ia memang berpatutan dan sangat2 berbaloi untuk dimiliki tak kisah berapa harganya (nilai isinya jauh lebih berharga), tp memandangkan diriku yang selalu sengkek ini.... huk huk... terbatuk juga dgn harga tu.


nak dijadikan cerita, (maybe memang dah tertulis i akan memiliki buku ini, maybe it's already written up there, or maybe it just my lucky day, i dun't know) whatever it is... finaly i got 1!! Finaly this book belong to me! finaly i bought it!!!


what makes me the luckiest ever is, i bought it in half price!!! 50% discount dude!! RM70!!!

where i bought it?
where else... u know me... internet maa... mana lagi...

i'm sooooooooo hepi, sooooooooo sooooooooooo hepi...
until today the smile still in my face up to my ear... dah naik cramp pon..

oh ya... i almost forget... thanks to stacie for this wonderful books. your collections are amazing. I will surely buy more books from you later on (when i get more money..hehheh). Next target, martha stewart's baking handbook. ha ha ha ha

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Juwita demam :(

mmm takde cerita best kali ni... Juwita demam.. diarhoea... panas badan dia.. so, nak berdukung aje la sepanjang hari... tido pon kejap2 je dah bangun. Malam pulak... nak tido kita peluk aje.. sian dia...

mmm mngkin nak tumbuh gigi... sign2 tu semua mcm petanda dia nak cut first tooth. Tapi tak tau lagi sbb belum tumbuh pon... ptg ni abh dia nak bwk gi klinik kalau demam dia tak kurang.

Ohh, ya... ada baca beberapa article about fever in baby... credits to

Keep in mind that a fever is not an illness — it's a way for the body to fight disease. A higher temperature enables the body to attack harmful bacteria or viruses (which prefer an environment of around 98.6 degrees F). A fever also tells the body to make more infection-fighting substances like white blood cells and antibodies. Of course, when your child starts to get a high fever, you'll want to take steps to bring it down.

If fever is a defense against infection, is it really a good idea to try to bring it down?

Since fever is part of the body's defense against bacteria and viruses, some researchers suggest that the body may fight infections more effectively when its temperature is elevated. (Bacteria and viruses prefer an environment that's around 98.6 degrees F, or 37 degrees C.) A fever also tells the body to make more white blood cells and antibodies to fight the infection.

On the other hand, if your baby's temperature is too high, he'll be too uncomfortable to eat, drink, or sleep, and that will make it harder for him to get better.

If your little one's fever isn't affecting his behavior, you don't need to give him anything to lower it. Offer him plenty of breast milk or formula to prevent dehydration, and don't overdress him or bundle him up when he's sleeping.

tu je dulu... byk keje lg ni... bye....

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

hello again!!!

pic of juwita: smiling

after a long time!!!! finally woahhh!!!!

sekian lamanya tak update blog nih... sorry guys yang tertunggu-tunggu tu (ermm ade ke...). sibuk sejak 2 menjak ni menguruskan hal ehwal rumahtangga, tolong hubby lagi dengan bisness dia... macam2 hal... harini baru rasa tergerak nak buat posting. Hal pulak... mmg dah lama tak masuk produk baru, tp the best part is, skrg dah sewa tread kat (dah mampu buat advertisement sket utk laman webku itu) so, nampak la ada peningkatan visitor kat dan tread di pekanrabu hehehe... insyaallah akan berjaya. doa2kan lah ye...

next, nak cerita pasal juwita sikit. since dia dah merangkak (tapi tak gerak ok...) now 1 tangan dia dah boleh angkat masa dia dalam posisi merangkak tu... :) so next step is either dia akan move forward atau grap somtin' n terus stand up!!!! haha unbelievable? just wait and see...

pic of juwita: err.... yoga position..?! how about that ha...? tiru aksi ibu dia nih....good girl

oh... ya. almost forget. next week new produk will comes in. it's a face mask imported from korea. i try it once and it really2 feel good after i applied! (will elaborate more later on huh) so i request for more sample...(hopefully will get it by next monday) so, by next week it will be listed in anggunjelita product!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


coming up this november, exclusively from avon is a new fragrance bond girl... special inspire from bond girl on movie quantum of solace. grap it fast while it still on a promotion!!! only at

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

wahhh... lama betul tak update blog. Maklumlah, sibuk beraya... beraya rumah orang, ziarah menziarahi,... then hari ahad lepas kami pula buat open house. ramai juga yang datang. Unexpected la pulak seramai itu. Sbb nya, mama pergi ajak sedara mara semua datang... sampai tak muat rumah dibuatnya!!

Nasib baik makanan memang buat banyak... menu hari itu adalah bihun & macaroni sup, baked macaroni & cheese, nugget & sosej, kek-kek kukus, buah tembikai, dan airnya sunquik sirap. Letih juga hari tu, dari awal pagi dah start prepare lepas tu masak... Juwita? mmm hari tu dia jadi budak baik... tido 2 jam, lepas tu boleh main sendiri, lepas letih tido kan dia lagi 2 jam...

mmm tp malangnya gambar belum upload ke komputer lagi... nanti bila dah upload boleh la tunjuk ye... selamat hari raya!!! jaga badan semua... makan berpada-pada okey!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

dah nak raye!!!!!!

lagi 5 hari nak raya... tahun ni tak hantar satu kad raya pon. Kami pon tak beri sesiapa kad raya. Mungkin kerana kemajuan teknologi masa kini (dengan sms, mms, email, ecard, dsb...) menjadi pilihan yang lebih ringkas, mudah dan cepat. Kad raya pon macam dah tak laku sangat pula. Tapi my hubby masih dapat tempahan kad raya korporat. Jadi sebenarnya, kad raya masih perlu, untuk sesiapa yang masih menghargai dan merasakan kepentingannya.

Bersempena dengan ini, pon nak ucapkan selamat hari raya juga. Dan pilihan kami adalah melalui blog dan laman web (kerana kami bertapak di sini). Nak bagi kad raya tak dan lah... ramai sangat pula...

ok selamat hari raya aidilfitri, maaf zahir dan batin. Makan lemang dan ketupat tu berpada-pada. kekalkan kesihatan, anggun dan jelita di hari raya ini... :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Gathering buka puasa @ kedai kopi

pic. of me & Juwita: B4 buka puasa: jln2 kat tasik s.alam

Our 1st gathering after we grad... last time jumpe diorang ialah masa saya kahwin dulu. So, ni kira kali pertama jumpa mereka semua bersama!! mmg best buka puasa kat kedai kopi... n rezeki kami sekeluarga sangat murah mlm tu sbb tak perlu keluar satu sen pon untuk makan (dah ada orang bayarkan lebih, patutnya RM10 seorang) TQ untuk semua atas effort korang nak 'gather'kan kita ni... bebudak ID...

oh ya, lupa nak bagi tahu, kami ni semua x-UiTM Shah Alam, Diploma Interior Design, Fakulti Senibina, perancangan dan ukur. Antara jurusan yang terawal di UiTM, actually, sejak itm lagi dah ada course ni :)

pic. of: kenyang melantak: burpp: alhamdulillah...

Balik kepada cerita gathering, ramai yang datang. Yang dah kawin (that is me and wirda), datang dgn hubby dan baby, yang dah bertunang bawa tunang, yang couple bawa couple... malah ada yang edarkan kad kawin mlm tu!!! (mad g, kad kawin ko ilang mlm tu... tercicir la... :( sorry....! :'( )

pic. of: juwita dah tido dalam hiruk pikuk: dia tak masuk port

ada lah sedikit gambar kenangan pada mlm itu untuk tontonan semua...enjoyyyy!!!

pic. of: antara yang hadir: gathering ID

Thursday, September 18, 2008

jalan-jalan di taman SUK

taman SUK... tempat kitorg selalu dating dulu-dulu.. heheheh... this time, datang dgn baby Juwita. Saje nak bagi dia tgk tempat yang indah dan penuh kenangan ni. Masa kitorg datang tu, kerusi yang selalu kitorang duduk dulu dah di duduki oleh pasangan kekasih yang lain. (harap2 mereka pun sampai ke jinjang pelamin hehe)

nak juga share dgn korang semua keindahan taman SUK ni... memang cantik. tiap2 minggu datang sini pon tak pernah jemu tau... antara yang paling cantik, sbb kat taman ni ada bunga teratai.. best nye...! :)

pic of me and juwita: tmn SUK

pic of me again n Juwita: Tmn SUK

Sunday, September 14, 2008

the important of labelling and branding.

label, label label... penting sangat benda tu. Nak terangkan lebih lanjut tak ada masa pulak. Sebenarnya nak bagi tunjuk label kek kukus buah yang dibuat untuk kedai kek kesang... dan, sekaligus promote la sekali lagi logo
jangan lupa singgah ke tau... barang-barang memang update dari semasa ke semasa :)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

shopping spree!!!!

whoaa!!!! shopping spree is going on! secara online atau ke shopping mall, rambang mata dibuatnya!! mmm banyak juga yang dibeli belakangan ini... boleh buat list...hehee
  1. baju raya (of course lah... not expensive, in fact, i can nego the price with that bangla). 1 peace only, coz i got 1 peace given by mama n then another 1 peace was bought few month ago for kenduri aqiqah Juwita. Just use once during that occation, so i thought it can be baju raya as well lah(reuse, reduse, recycle wooo). -no picture ok... baju raya, then raya baru tengok la
  2. online trading!!! i just bought a pair of north star shoe for my little sister (she's not so little actually) haaa...! -got a picture for this
  3. another online trading!! this time a clothes for me. It's a pre-order stuff, order direct from korea. (so, basicaly it's a latest korean fashion!! it's 'in-thing' now!!! bought 3pcs, all just cost me about RMY70. I just received the parcel yesterday, took me just about 2 weeks waiting - also got a picture for this stuff...but not transfer it yet. busy lah sekarang.
  4. yet another online trading!! hahaha.... this time it's a geo lens also direct from korea. Another 'in-thing' nowaday u know... it's a color lens with enlarging effect, so that your eyes look likes a barbie doll or manga anime!! sound interesting right. The vendor promise me that i can wear it during raya... maybe next week i will get the stuff. can't wait!mine is CK-107 :)
p/s-kalau nak order dari saya pun boleh jgk ni... murah je sbb direct dari korea kan. next batch ni, closing datenya 14th sept tau...

ok, cukup pasal membeli, sekarang pasal menjual pulak... anggunjelita dah masuk barang baru, AVON!!!! (at last!) dengan kemasukan barang avon, saya mulakan dengan top listed punya barang. Dimulakan dengan Ultra Luxury Eye Liner yang dapat best beauty buy dalam women's weekly untuk kategori best eye liner below RM50.mmm... nak kena promote web ni hari-hari supaya ranking naik... jangan marah la ye para pembaca sekalian. masuk je dalam tu, then shopping la... :)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

promosi baru dari!!!

Promosi bulan ramadhan sudah bermula!!! maaflah sbb lambat sikit nak upload promosi ni, balik kampung pulak ujung minggu haritu. Balik palong dan jasin, ha.... dua-dua balik. Nilah kelebihannya kampung dekat2. Ada 2 promosi untuk bulan ini, 1 untuk sempena eid mubarak, dan lagi satu untuk yang gila shoppers.... ha, barangan avon pun dah ada tau, tapi lambat sikit nak uploadnya... hai.... ada anak kecil mcm ginilah...heh heh.. (alasan je tu)

mmm sebut pasal anak kecil, Juwita Aisha dah menjangkau 5 bulan :) kalau balik kampung dia dah ok juga, dah tak nangis2... tp org still tak boleh pegang dia, nanti keluarlah siren dia tu... (manje betulllll budak kenit tu)

minggu ni memang best... tapi tak tau nak mula dari mana cerita ni. Tak apa lah, nanti lain kali boleh tulis lagi. Bukan apa, banyak kerjalah bulan ramadhan ni... banyak nak kena settle...
Tapi yg paling exciting, clothing yang saya pre-order dr korea last month dah sampai malaysia!!! yeay!!! sooo fast la dealing dgn that gurl. she said it will be here in mid sept, but it arrives today!!!

oklah, cukup dulu... taaaaa

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

long time no see

Dah lama betul tak update blog ni.... bukan tak ada masa, tp sibuk dgn pelancaran web walaupun dah siap, tapi setiap hari ada sahaja benda nak kena update dan upgrade. Bukan ape, untuk kesenangan pembeli juga kan... barang2 pun dah bertambah banyak, function makin mudah... oklah... malah dah ada yang register under! yang bestnya lagi, anggunjelita dah tersenarai dan di index dalam search engine!! yeay!!!

Ckp pasal long time no see ni juga, minggu ni sy jumpa pula kawan sekolah lama. Sama2 dulu belajar di MRSM serting dan dia duduk bilik bersebelahan dgn sy kat asrama.... dan sy tak ingat dan cam dia??!!! what the.... Dia yang tegur dulu, then i recall back my memories la.... mmm dia pun tak dtg wedding kitorg dulu, that's why she also unsure that it was me :P

Apapepun, hello to everybody and we see again (well, in a screen i mean. and you are seeing my words actually). Nopicture for today.... next time ya!

Friday, August 22, 2008

pelancaran!!! - review web jualan

bestnye!!! kedai baru ku dah mula dibuka dan dilancarkan minggu ini! thank you very much to my hubby sebab susah payah bersengkang mata menyiapkan laman web jualan pertama ku itu... Setakat ni, barang2 pun belum banyak diletak lagi... tapi takpe, sikit-sikit lah kan. Tak lama lagi banyak lah tu... :)

Dengan pemilihan nama AnggunJelita, diharapkan laman web jualan ini dapat memenuhi kehendak wanita masa kini yang mementingkan kejelitaan, keanggunan, serta kesihatan keseluruhan. Buat masa ini, produk yang ada adalah dari DCL dan D'navechee. Produk Avon akan menyusul tak lama lagi. Apabila lengkap nanti, web ini akan menjadi one stop centre kepada wanita-wanita diluar sana. Insyaallah.....

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


picture of juwita aisha : having a mornin' meal : she loves it!

one of her favorite time... is feeding time!! 2 times a day; 10a.m in a mornin' and 6.30p.m in the evening. what she loves? definitely pear and banana puree (makes her poo poo easily), apple sauce (but she will be a bit constipated). Now she also was introduced to brown rice cereal and she seem to like it too (she reject it last month, maybe she was not ready for that yet last time).

Juwita also seem to like her new bottle! senang lah nak bagi dia minum air masak sekarang. It's a green bottle from mam. I will show to you all later, ok...


Sunday, August 17, 2008

stroller baru Juwita

Seperti yang dijanjkan, topik hari ini adalah stroller baru Juwita... tapi malangnya, stroller lama tak sempat pula nak diambil gambar. Bila ada masa nanti baru upload lagi...

boleh tahan jugak stroller ni ye... oren lagi. memang sesuai dengan aku yang glamer ni

picture of juwita : trying her new stroller : she likes it

kelebihan stroller ini berbanding yang lama

1. kecil dan ringan

2. portable dan mudah digunakan

3. senang dilipat sehingga sekecilnya

4. trendy dan terkini

5. rekabentuk yang ringkas dan menarik

Itu sahajalah rasanya. promote lebih-lebihpun bukan dapat kredit..heh heh

Sebab tajuk harini stroller baru Juwita, so takde la nak cerita benda lain. hal lain nanti bukak post baru lah. taaa...

Friday, August 15, 2008

mega sale shopping!!

letih betul...harini shopping di 1 Utama dgn hubby dan Juwita. banyak juga hasil yang kami dapat..
  • tote bag yang nice buat fill up brg2 keperluan Juwita dan ibunya. ^_^ bestnye dapat bag baru.....!
  • stroller baru Juwita!!! Yg ni kecil dan boleh dilipat sekecil mungkin (compare dengan stroller Juwita yang lama ni, mmg mcm ibu dengan anak bezanya.)
mmm seingatnya 2 benda tu je kot... kalau ada lagi nanti list lagi. Dah letih sangat sampai tak boleh pikir...hehehe

Sambil shopping makan pulak kat jusco. Nyonya asam laksa (favourite hubby), dengan cinnabon. Makan sikit je sbb tak datang selera sangat (tengah dalam diet ni, sabtu ni ada kenduri) hubby pun beli semangkuk je, cinnabon 2 ketul, air rozele (betulke ejaannya ni)

Anyway, tonite will be no picture la. Tomorrow i will continue with a new post. I'm sooooo excited to tell you all about Juwita's strollers (now she have 2 units. need to sell the old one la) and my new tote aka baby bag!

see ya

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


waaaa.... Juwita sembelit la.. masuk harini dah 2 hari my pumpkin tu tak poo poo :( . Harini i beli diluted jus apple and prune heinz bagi dia minum. Air masak pun dah bagi (actually paksa dia minum sbb juwita sangat la tak suka minum air kosong)

hopefully tomorrow my pumpkin will poo poo easily...

now she's asleep.....hushhh......ssssshh...zzzzzz.... :)

picture of juwita aisha : sleeping in my arms

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

kenduri kenduri kendara

Biasalah, bilamana dah start cuti sekolah ni, kenduri kendara pun bermula. Almost every week we get invitation, mostly from our schoolmate ^_^ congratz to you all. Kahwin juga akhirnya. Kami dah sudah last year...yeay...

So, let me recall back kenduri-kenduri yang kitorg attend dan bakal attend
  • 26/7/08 saturday - restoren puteri, sg. penchala (my father's cousin)
  • 09/8/08 saturday - sg. besi (epi & pasangan; anak sedara my hubby)
  • 16/8/08 saturday - setapak (i think...not sure lor) (jack & pasangan; our schoolmate xmrsm serting)
Itu sahaja la dulu. Banyak juga kenduri yang kami tak dpt hadir atas sebab-sebab tertentu. Antaranya sebab tiada kelapangan dan lokasi yang jauh. Tapi my hubby ada 1 alasan untuk menjadikan sesetengah jemputan tu wajib; ini untuk member-menber punya kenduri sahaja ye; kalo korang datang kenduri kitorg, kitorg datang la kenduri korang pulak nanti! :P haha... menyesal tak tak datang wedding kitorg dulu? gurau je, no offend

Lagi satu, bila sebut pasal menghadiri jemputan kenduri dan cuti sekolah ni, banyak pula perkara-perkara berbangkit lain yang timbul. Antaranya hadiah apa nak beri, nak pakai baju apa, juwita nak pakai baju apa,

dan yang paling utama...alamak,
habislah dietku!! Nak taknak menu mesti nasi minyak. Tak pun nasi beryani! nasi hujan panas?! paling paling pun nasi putih. Tapi lauknya pulak tak menahan!!! daging dendeng, ayam masak merah, pajeri nanas, acar, dhal, kurma, kari, waaahhhh..... memang tak boleh tahan. Walaupun rasa guilty bila makan, tak makan pun rasa guilty jgk. mcm mana ni...

for that, i'm glad that we don't have to attend all of the invitations. (thanks for my hubby too for creating such a good concept, tp mintak maaf banyak-banyak pada member-member yang kami tak datang kendurinya. Bukan sebab nak diet, tp kami ada alasan lain lagi yang lebih concrete ya.)

our friends on our wedding: 25/8/07
our wedding last year: who's next?

Monday, August 11, 2008

be nice...this is my first

welcome everyone ^_^

a picture of Juwita Aisha : 4 month and 1 week old


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