salute to the nature

salute to the nature

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

good luck lil sis!

just wanna wish my lil' sister good luck for her coming exam!

its PMR babe! try your best and work hard for it.

Study and be prepare

relax and free your mind. No stress.

what's your target? straight A's? definetely rite?

set in your mind. 8A babe!

boleh masuk asrama nanti... kalau ddk rumah tak kemana la kau...

oh... ya, 1 more thing.

dun forget to ask for forgiveness to everyone you know. (especially mama, abah, wahid, rauf... ect..) banyak buat salah kan... slalu buat org kecik hati... ha.... 0 - 0

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

greeny eyes

i dun know why, but lately i LOOOOVE putting on green at my face. Not just that, our raya theme this year is also green (with a dash of pink of course).

So, few days before raya i always using green. here's some of my makeup with green.

have fun!

its a turquoise actually hahaa! with some dark green on crease, and pearl white on inner corner. The look is complete with black eyeliner and mascara. Add some pinkish blusher on cheek and nose, and finally a pink-nude lippy. wallah! i'm ready to go shopping!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

selamat hari raya

selamat hari raya aidil fitri dari kami sekeluarga.

semoga ramadhan dan syawal tahun ini memberi seribu keberkatan dan rahmat kepada semua.

layan je la gambar kami di hari raya pertama... sesi bergambar selepas makan ketupat
layanzzz.... banyak nih gambar!

me and beloved hubby

abg syg sengih kat kamera, juwita dok spoiled buat kawad nazi satu padang

nak enterprem lagik! tak habis lagi berkawad...

ok... ni gambar juwita sensorang... bajet comel

juwita lagi... posing atas katil pulak

dengan abah pulak... posing sakan ye! 2 ekor ni isi masa lapang time ibu nya bersiap nak ke masjid sesama...

bagi la can ibu plak... kena candid dgn abg time mkn. nasib baik cun lagi..huhuhuu...

ha ni ibu camio sendirik! ala-ala renungan menggoda dipagi raya... mana leh kalah dengan juwita! hahaha!

ok, cukup la. banyak2 kang muntah pulak korang tengok haa... malas nak cerita panjang pasal raya pertama, kedua, ketiga... bla bla bla... nama pon raya, buat apa lagi kan... beraya lah! hahaha...

tp tahun ni kurang bersinar raya di jasin, sebab tak cukup korum. Rauf beraya di melbourne... seronok dengar2nya... per citer wei?!!! ade ke lemang ketupat rendang segala? nan hado!!! makan potato sudeyy!!! jangan ko buru kangaroo buat rendang cukup... hehe.. gurau je... mood raya lagi ni...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

potty training... is Juwita ready?

actually, i'm quite impress with some moms blogger who is able to put their child in potty training. iIf i'm not mistaken, tumitu start potty training her son since he 1 year++ (same age with juwita now) Now, her son is almost diapers free (her son is using cloth diapers)

Its sound easy to do, but its require a lot of patience, determination, consistent, more time and hard work from mom! i want to start (or try to start) potty training my lovely Juwita...

1st thing 1st...
like most 1st time mom here, i'll be wondering how to and when to start potty training?
so, i love to share to you all some of my research. The A B C of potty training

So now,

is my baby ready yet?

this is what i got from baby center about A -- Assess your child's readiness

It probably seems like just yesterday that you
changed your baby's first nappy, but before you know it, she'll be ready to start potty training. While there's no magic age at which a child is ready to start using the potty, most toddlers will develop the necessary physical and cognitive skills between 18 and 24 months of age (though some aren't ready to start until they're as old as four). Use the checklist below to keep track of your toddler's progress toward readiness.

You don't have to wait until you've checked off every item to start training; rather, look for a general trend toward independence and an understanding of what it means to go to the bathroom like a grown-up.

Your child may be ready to start potty training if she:

• Has regular, soft, formed bowel movements

• Can pull her pants up and down

• Imitates others' bathroom habits (likes to watch you go to the bathroom, wants to wear underwear, and so on)

• Makes a physical demonstration when she's having a bowel movement (such as grunting, squatting or telling you)

• Has words for stool and urine

• Can follow simple instructions (such as "Give me the toy.")

• Understands the physical signals that mean she has to go and can tell you before it happens

• Dislikes the feeling of being in a dirty nappy

• Has "dry" periods of at least three or four hours (this shows her bladder muscles are developed enough to hold her urine in and store it)

• Isn't negative about everything

• Understands the value of putting things where they belong

• Demonstrates a desire for independence

• Can walk and sit down

mmm... i think she's almost ready la... xpe2... tunggu lagi 1 bulan.. sampai dia genab 18 bulan i will start her potty training officially! hahahaa!

uh... now i have to find the potty seat. another reason to go shopping! haha... woman always have reason to shop

last time i surveyed, it quite difficult to find 1 that fit her montot, becoz she's quite small.. tu tak kira certain design yg dia x mo cuba langsung! sungguh! anak dara ni kuat memilih!

Monday, September 14, 2009

time off! true spa jaya33

eh.. ehh... buat ape nih? amik exam upsr? haha... actually i was filled up the form and questionaire before i go through the treatment at true spa!

i won!!! i love you true spa and women's weekly mostly! i won few times on their contest!

ok, to make my story shot, i won the complementary relaxing back massage for 2 last month. it was a contest from women's weekly May issue, and the winner was informed by SMS in august. (mmg mcm tu, dulu pon pernah menang. memang dia announce 2 bulan after the contest end). The letter said i have to call to redeem the prize before 31st august.

I was dying to go!!! I really2 want to treat myself with sometreatment at spa! but, i got some small issue... my hubby was extremely busy to accompany me plus i had no idea where to put my baby. i become hopeless... until i day, my hubby said,

" yang... dah telepon ke true spa tu? dah berapa haribulan ni? "

I was like, ha...? betul ke ni? So, later i call the true spa to redeem my prize. It was on 31st august! last day to redeem! haha!

On the next day, they call me back to arrange the appoinment. the receptionist sempat lagi cakap...

"it suppose to redeem before 31st right?" then i said, "ya... thats y i called yesterday... hehe" so, i booked for our session on the next monday, 8p.m
I went there with my hubby, and Juwita as well!!

the VIP room has 2 bed, a sofa, shower, sink, and a jakuzi!

We got a VIP room, because we suppose to do our massage together, but since juwita has awaked (masa sampai tu dia tidor, so they thought i can put juwita at the sofa inside the room) we did our massage 1 by 1 la... my hubby start 1st... later, its my turn! yeay!

ni la budak kenit ni... dah bangun plak...

patutnya dia tido kat sini... huhuhuu...

my hubby enjoy his session. he was massaged my male. he said his hands are soft! theheehee...

overall, this is my score

ambience 4/5

services 4.5/5

(tip top! all stuff very friendly and considerate)

the massage 4/5

(best! relaxing and stress-relieving. i enjoy every moment!)

the pakage 3/5
(the pakage is good! members will got many benefit, 50% discount plus 4 free session monthly. it also 0% installment. but, only for kredit card holder. takde kredit kad, kena bayar lumsum ooh.. RM2k.)

suasana kat lobby / waiting area. while waiting them preparing our session...

uh... puas hati betul dengan spa visit kali ni. seriously speaking, if i have credit card, i surely sign up as a member that day!

Friday, September 11, 2009

too much to do yet soo little times

me, myself now is like a high speed racing car on race. the adrenaline is so high. its very overwhelming.

i am super duper busy. (some people will wondering " stay home mom pon boley busy ker?") ish... bolehh!!!

stay home mom doesn't mean we just stay home and stare... we do the work! i repeat, WE DO WORK! VERY IMPORTANT WORK!

2 minggu ni, macam biasa la buat kerja rumah... sapu sampah, sidai kain, lipat kain baju, layan juwita (yg ni paling letih), masak, dan sebagainya

at the same time, this stay home mom has online business. nak urus,, dan yg terkini last week baru launch, (maka bertambah ganda lah kerja stay home mom ni). To those yang ada business online ni paham la, a lot of things to do... blog kena update selalu, stok kena kira, kena tambah stok, buat kira-kira, buat akaun (yg ni x sure org lain buat tak, tapi aku buat), tu tak kira kena balas email customer, bagi consultation bagai... then bila ada transaksi berlaku, kena check akaun, wrap parcel nak pos, dan kemudian ke pejabat pos (yg ni je aku tak buat. hubby yg ke pejabat pos) punya letih
Benda yang buat letih adalah customer yg banyak songeh... tanya itu ini... tp last2 tak beli pon! cheh... tak pon yg lagi menyampah (sorry to say..) org2 yg baru nak berjinak2 beli online nih... kadang2 malas nak layan! macam2 di tanya.. selamat ke barang tu dipos, selamat ke buat payment online, kalau aku tipu mcm mana... macam ne kalau dia bayar brg tak dapat.. boleh percaya ke.. helo~~ kalau takut sangat beli je kat kedai luar nun! letih nk pahamkan orang mcm ni... ada juga yg minta kita pos dulu barang, kalau sampai baru dia nak bank in. amboi, banyak cantik... kami peniaga online ni dah masak la dengan benda2 mcm ni...

petite touch keletihan yang seronok
about the launching of petite touch, for the opening promotion, i gave 10 lucky blogger a free makeover. perkhhh!!!!! tak cukup tangan layan email beb!!! i know this kind of advertising will work, but i can't believe that its really really work!!! i'm planning to do another blogger promo next time, but wait until i finish makeover all 10 lucky blogger 1st! haha ^_^

part time tolong hubby (
when i'm a lil bit free at home, i help my hubby on his business... my job is like kerja kilang lady. Yang terbaru, tampal sticker 10ribu keping! @_@ gila berpinau mata! tangan aku dah macam mesin dah... cergas dan tangkas! wahahaha! lagi satu kerja biasa aku adalah potong paper! uih... ni pon letih beb! tergeliat2 jari pegang gunting... tapi yg bestnya, kalau tolong hubby buat benda2 ni, biasanya ada la reward nya hehehe... nanti mesti hubby bawak kuar jenjalan, shopping mopping. Leh la rembat heel ke, baju ke... (abg~~ nak makeup~~~ hehee~~)

petitefour makin sibuk! letih, leceh!
dalam sibuk2 buat semua tu, online butik aku pon kena jalan. petite4 tu kena masuk baju (ni dah seminggu lebih tak masuk baju baru ni). Ha, kerja petite4 ni lagi leceh! tiap2 minggu kena amik stock kat supplier. then, check stock, lepas check, pasang kat mannequin amik gamba... dah amik gamba semua, transfer masuk laptop. edit dalam photoshop, letak watermark. last sekali update blog petite4 tu masukkan baju2 baru tu semer... dah update blog, kena email reviewer2 blog to notify them all (spya diorg review blog kita). Lepas tu, kena blogwalking utk tinggalkan link. phew... tak selesai lagi tuh! tak larat dah nak citer... pikir pon dah letih, tapi so far itu lah yg aku buat, dan aku still standing lah! tak rasa nak give up pong!

ceritera juwita

nak update blog personal ni kena curi2 masa tengah malam lah.

Dan dalam sibuk nak buat semua kerja ni, planning tak selalunya smooth. most of the time, when i just start doing somtin' juwita da mula buat hal... mula buat bising, jerit2... when she felt she'd being ignored my me, she start doing somtin' to get my attention back! bila ibu ni datang.... tak de ape pon!!! dia nak kita tengok dia tengok tv!??!! membara je.... but i just said "ohh... juwita nak ibu teman tengok tv eay...." and she innocently nodd and smile (senyum yg mencairkan ais di kutub utara) aduh...

dek non... cemana la ibu nak buat kerja ni.... sbb tu lah banyak kerja yg rancang nak buat dalam satu hari tu, mesti jadi tak selesai. So, my solution is to stay back until late at night to finish up everything that should be done that day...

bila kamu dah besar juwita, ingat lah jasa ibu dan abah ye... kami bersengkang mata nih! huhuhuu~~

hubby jual crocs kat sri gombak memalam... bulan posa ni alhamdulillah... sales berganda2... tp business ibu slow la... sbb tak masuk stock baru~~ untung butik petite4 pon dah bawak ke petite touch punya modal, so ibu boleh dikategorikan sebagai pokai sekarang ni huhuhuu...

panjang lebar pulak entry harini ye... sesi melepas tekanan. lepas ni nak raya...

oh, ya... last week me and hubby pampered ourself at true spa! dalam sibuk2 ni badan kena jaga juga. next entry i will blog about this ok... by now, daa!

si tembam juwita

juwita ni.... makin semangat... mengunyah aje keje nya... tgk pipi dia tu... dah tembam macam pau ayam (bestnya pau ayam hehehe...)

suka pakai barang ibu... tudung, kasut, makeup....

uik!! berdoa pulak! kepala tutup, badan seksi... budak2 zaman sekarang.. ish3x

kuch kuch hota hai la pulak...

juwita ni suka drive... mcm best je tgk abah bawak keta kan...

paling dia pandai adalah beraksi depan kamera! natural talent gitew~~siap senget2 kepala

owh... tengok la dia tiru sapa! hehehe...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

sticky mode - advertorial (petite touch)

giveaway - free makeup and makeover

petite touch would like to announce the most exciting giveaway to all of lovely ladies out there.

In order to fill up our portfolio with lots and lots of makeover picture, we now arrange the makeover and makeup for free!

There's only some little easy rules and step you have to follow, and other than that, it's completely FREE!!!

So, how can you get the FREE MAKEOVER? easy....

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BUT, hei, hei, hei...

here some term and condition that you have to read first

1. this free makeup only valid for makeover, dinner/ prom/ night makeup, and bridal trial makeup only. Wedding and engagement makeup is not applicable.

2. if you are getting married while you enter this giveaway, you are entitle to get 30% off for your wedding and engagement makeup @ petite touch.

3. you will get free 1 pair false eyelashes as well!

4. however, this giveaway only completely FREE for klang valley, selangor and PJ area only. For other location, you have to pay a bit just for our transportation and travelling cost.

5. makeover voucher only can be redeem once for 1 person only. you can either redeem to yourself or makeover someone else!

6. this makeover will continue going until i decide to end it.

7. after the makeover, you MUST blog an entry about your makeover session with petite touch and post your makeover picture on your blog and credited to our blog.

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so now ladies, what are you waiting for? start blogging and grab this great deal!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

another makeup + raya haul

i can't live a week without shopping, especially makeup.

last week, i went out for another raya shopping trip, plus, enlarging my makeup collection.
here some of stuff that i bought last week... hav fun watching! coz i really2 hav fun by just wathing it :)

overall on what i shop. body shop, mac, naturactor, and anggerik avenue for shawl and anak tudung

At body shop, i bought 2 eyeshadow color and lash curler. i bought it at bodyshop SACC mall. eyeshadow is RM35/pcs and lash curler is RM21. i redeem my RM35 voucher so the total price only cost me RM56. yeay! yeay!!

for MAC product, i ordered with kak najwa (i got 20% off! yippee!!) so i bought shadow cream base and charged water (charged water seriously pricey... ori price is RM90!). naturactor foundation also i bought from kak najwa. 1 light color foundation, another 1 is for shading. RM35 each. :)

my makeup haul

close up sket! heheheee...

anak tudung anggerik avenue is RM35. its called tudung anggerik. i LOVE it! i was looking for this kind of anak tudung for ages!! its awning like, but not typikal awning yang keras2 macam selalu tengok tuh... it just fit nicely on my head. the material is stretchable, breathable and cool. eww... what can i say.. i really really fall in love with it! gonna go to SACC again and grab another 3 or 4 pcs! if i got time, i will review about this lovely anak tudung.

and finally, the green shawl. i dun remember where i bought it, but only cost me RM25. i also bought another baju raya at PKNS on the same day, but its not in the picture. its a chiffon blouse that can match with a pant or jean or sarung.

phew... girl.. i LOVE shopping!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

F&N Magnolia Lo-fat Hi-cal = susu basi

ingat tak hari tu aku ada cerita pasal sahurku yang kureng sket sbb susu nak makan dengan cornflakes da basi... ha, ni jadik sekali lagi...

kali ni, susu ni betul2 baru beli, expiry date pon lama lagi.. tup tup, time nak guna, buka la penutupnya.

Hubby terus tuang dalam magkuk cornflakes nya. pastu hubby tanya...

"yang... susu low fat ni mmg mcm ni ke?"

"ha.. mcm ne pulak?" aku menyahut di depan laptop

"ntah... jernih aje...!"

"try la tuang dalam cawan dulu, tengok..." aku jawab lagi

"saya dah tuang dalam cornflake saya.."

aisehmen... aku dah lain macam... aku datang pergi tengok...

macam ni la ghupanya... sadis sungguh

ayohh.... tak elok la! da basi!!! celaka betul, aku cakap(dalam hati la..) ni dah kali kedua dah ni kena... brand yg satu ni jugak la.. beli pon tempat sama.. kat TESCO Mutiara Damansara. Brand F&N Magnolia Lo-fat Hi-cal

tengok susu ni... susu badan aku pon pekat lagi! huh!

rosak mood aku sahur haritu. bengang betul.. lepas amik gamba, terus buang susu tu dalam tong sampah. cornflakes abg pula... kembang semangkuk dengan susu basi tuh.. uwekk!!

siap berbuih-buih... *_*

tak merasa lagi sahur dengan cornflakes dan susu...

Friday, September 4, 2009

consider craving or not?

i feel like i'm craving to eat ayam penyet and steamboat for buka puasa...

well... i blogwalking everyday... mostly woman's blog.. i bet you 80% of them updating their blog by posting about what they buka puasa for that day.. huhuhuu...

most favourite choice to buka puasa with... is either ayam penyet or bbq steamboat with various location and restaurant. why? why oh why? i wonder why...

but becoz i read about it everyday, now the craziness effected to me! i'm craving for ayam penyet and steamboat!!! i told my hubby that i terbayang-bayang ayam penyet for several day already.. and he just say...

 "ohh... yea... mmm..."


kalau i pregnant sekarang ni mesti dah dapat makan... tp sbb i tak pregnant, kena ignore ajer.. huhuhuuu....

juwita's story

shining bright little star

she's now 1 year 5 month.

i'm soo glad that i still can breastfeeding her until now (7 month to go!!). i wonder how i'm gonna stop her BF habit when she turn 2. hmmm.....susah ke tak susah ke ek...

BTW... my little pumpkin now growing up just like a little princess!

- she loves wearing assecories like her crystal bracelet (i ordered custom made crystal bracelet for her month ago)
- she loves makeup and acting like wearing a makeup (like wearing lippy, blusher... influenced by me!)
- she loves looking herself on a mirror and smile secomelnya
- she have her own handbag! and wear it like datin wannabe nak pergi shopping (siap lambai2 macam miss world hokey)
- she loves shopping just like i do!
- she loves dancing! she dance everytime background music is playing on TV and even on daddy's ring tone

uhh... anak dara ni... dah makin besar yek...

i love playing with my towel... ibu, nak mandi air panas... sejuk i tak tahan la... (diva la kamu nih, juwita)

now she also

- kuat merajuk (tak boleh ditegur sikit!)

- pandai pura-pura nangis
- pemalu tapi peramah (how to explain eh..)

ibu mengumpat pasal saya eh...

sometime i feel that she feel lonely staying at home with me alone, especially when i've work to do and have to stay in front of my lappy. she will get agry if i sit down infront of my lappy. i think she might think that i'm ignoring her, and she feels bored.

ibu... i'm bored...

she need friends isn't it?

wanna be my friend, reader? (i give you all my friendly smile here..)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

intensive makeup class!

me and nurul huda during class. huda is my model.

huda after makeover

yeay!!! finally i manage to join the intensive makeup and grooming by redglow. it was held for 2 day2; 1 day for makeup lesson and another day for bridal hair setting. it was fun and very educational! i learnt a lot from the 2 day class. lots of new brilliant tips and product reviews from the teacher (kak najwa and kak arlina). Both of them are very friendly and willing to share her knowledge to all of us. Thank you very much to red glow!

on the 1st day, i also got a chance to met redmummy! for those who is familiar with redglow, you must know that redmummy is the ambassador for redglow. wow... she such a friendly and happy go lucky person; just like her blog!

demo by kak najwa

makeup done! buat rambut pulak by kak arlina

my turn! my 1st touch that day. day makeup (earth color)

night makeup.(purple and pink) the dramatic eyes tak nampak sangat dlm picture ni..

model nurul huda.. top 5 covergirl nur beraksi

now officially, i have certificate in makeup a.k.a mengandam. So, now i can makeup for others!

sapa nak makeup for free? Meh la... i nak asah bakat ni..

juwita bangun sahur

ini juwita bangun sahur... makan cornflakes dengan susu (ibu punya nih... dia mengendeng pulak)

tengok tu... mata pon sepet jer lagik.. tp mulut dah comot dengan susu! huhuu...

sukanya hati dia... bangun2 terus makan yek... kalau nak tau, tak lama lepas tu dia sambung tido sendiri tau... agaknya dia ingatkan macam mimpi jer bangun makan tu. hahaha!


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