salute to the nature

salute to the nature

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

goodhope hotel, skudai

trying her mom's cloth! : notice the big mirror behind? she LOVE it most!

ni mana punya cerita daa... last 2 weeks punya! hehehe... tu la jadinya bila malas.

masa kami ke trip johor last 2 weeks, kami stay di goodhope hotel. booking online jer.. actually at 1st, we planned to stay at pontian hotel, but becoz last minute reservation, n time holiday pulak... hotel pontian sudah full. so, we move to second choice which is good hope hotel. we stay here just 1 night... 3 person. me, hubby n juwita (^_^)

juwita paling excited bila sampai hotel. senyum memanjang, berlari-lari sejak kat lobi lagi. malam pulak... tidur lena sampai pagi... best la katakan...

cuppa coffee : after check in, kami menghancurkan bilik hahaha! katil pon dah tunggang langgang :P
overall, trip ni best! walaupon hanya short trip, tapi agak puas hati sbb dapat jalan-jalan. juwita pon paling excited sepanjang trip nih...
goodhope hotel adalah hotel taraf 3 bintang, so facilities pon... standard la dengan taraf nya kan... price for room with 2 single bed is RM139 and room with 1 queen size bed is RM151 (include tax). there's another room available but i didn't survey much :P
anyway, they have their official website here
you can also make online reservation through their website, and thats require you to pay about RM10++ for reservation fee.. (hehe.. actually, i just call them by phone after took their number on the website.) by phone, no deposit is require, but the total amount afterall is just same. so, ikut suka la... mana satu you all comfortable with, okie...
this week, once again we all will stay here again! this time with my mom, dad, my bro n sis n also my hubby n juwita ler.. hehe... another trip to johor esp. danga bay!
next topic to blog... yeah baby!! danga bay!!

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