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salute to the nature

Monday, May 11, 2009

gathering bod

part of the crowd. picnic above the hill :)

anak-anak yang kebulor & kehausan, mommy sibuk gather2..

what : gathering bod parenting
where :
taman tasik titiwangsa
when :
saturday 9 may 2009
who :
members of parenting bod @

total up 14 family if i'm not mistaken. most comes with kids, baby, and also husband, maid, sister...

theme :
oren ceria
food :
pot luck

the verdict :
its gonna be fun, exciting with lots and lots of delicious food!

overview :

great!!! this is the 1st time i joint gathering held by online forum. its exactly like what i thought it would be! all the people are nice, friendly, and exciting. The food also very good. and the orange color theme really stand out the crowd!!

conclusion & hope :

this is a very good activities for moms, kids, and hubby. well, sape tak suka gather2, get to know each other, and at the same time serves with delicious food rite! i hope gathering bod parenting can be organise again next time, on different place perhaps?! best jumpa korang!!!

the food was marbeles!! mine is blueberry cheese tart n sambal sutun

juwita n her daddy! both enjoy n have a great day!

kids main pondok2.. hehe... picnic together. baby juwita, maryam, harith, aizz..

tribute to nurulcomfykidz a.k.a whoopi. sian dia.. x bwk kamera :)

more picture to come on part 2! stay tune.....


iena hamdi said...

tak sabar nak tunggu gambar part 2 ni. hhehe

mummyizz said...

plz part 2 punye pic

adex-aieda said...

daku pon x bawak kamera...
nanti tukau link eik...
kalau ada gambar daku yg tembun nih...ngan gambo si kembar ku yg bulat tuh... email adex eik..


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