salute to the nature

salute to the nature

Saturday, November 13, 2010

another typical me~

what is typical me? Despite having a diarrhea every month, there's something you should know about the typical me


2. I shop clothes for my self and Juwita MONTHLY.

3. I can't stand on SALES. I usually purchase more during sales

4. I LOVE MAKEUPS. Been buying it, using it, test it, preview it anytime and anywhere. That's the only topic i can come out easily, without make myself thinking so hard . I sometimes sleep on makeups (i know.. i know... its bad.)

5. I obsess about my tummy. Working hard to maintain my Keira Knightly flat stomach. Yup, i ADORE Keira Knightly

6. I do crunches when watching TV, and i do 6-minute-workout (aim on my buttock, hip, & thigh) during office hour.

7. I LOVE VEGETABLE, more than any other food in the world. On my plate, my vege portion is even more than rice

That's typical me.

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