salute to the nature

salute to the nature

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ray Ban sunglasses

ray ban sunglasses... ade ke orang nak beli nih? huhuuu... i advertise kan aje la ye..

price within RM700 to RM1k O_O

serius terbeliak mata ku when my hubby told me the price. i was like... WTH... who want to waste about 1k just for a sunglasses?!

but my hubby's answer was very acceptable and i mula buka hati dan minda about this 'Ray Ban thing'...

he said, " ni Ray Ban tau tak... Ray Ban... macam orang pompuan la... beli beg LV 5k++.. style kan... bukan cikai... brand nih... Ray Ban.. U know.. Ray Ban..."

ok, he's not exactly said like that... i dun remember what he said word-by-word, but the point is there. Having Ray Ban to men is like woman's desire to have LV!

thats what i learn about men from hubby last week!

so now, anybody want to buy Ray Ban? for your hubby perhaps? simply just leave your message here :)
(i'm not a Ray Ban seller, and i dun get any profit by advertise or selling this Ray Ban. just helping my friend to do so. This Ray Ban are all AUTHENTICS!!!)

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Simply said...

Love the Ray Ban Sunglasses! They are great for a casual or sophisticated look


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