salute to the nature

salute to the nature

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Lyrics | Beyonce lyrics - Halo lyrics

Everywhere I'm looking now
I'm surrounded by your embrace
Baby I can see your halo
You know you're my saving grace
You're everything I need and more
It's written all over your face
Baby I can feel your halo
Pray it won't fade away

Hit me like a ray of sun
Burning through my darkest night
You're the only one that I want
Think I'm addicted to your light
I swore I'd never fall again
But this don't even feel like falling
Gravity can't forget
To pull me to the ground again

this song gives me goosebump everytime i heard it!
its very strong ; the lyrics, the melody, the arrangement, and the wonderful vocal of beyonce.

best song! love it!

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