salute to the nature

salute to the nature

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

shopping spree!!!!

whoaa!!!! shopping spree is going on! secara online atau ke shopping mall, rambang mata dibuatnya!! mmm banyak juga yang dibeli belakangan ini... boleh buat list...hehee
  1. baju raya (of course lah... not expensive, in fact, i can nego the price with that bangla). 1 peace only, coz i got 1 peace given by mama n then another 1 peace was bought few month ago for kenduri aqiqah Juwita. Just use once during that occation, so i thought it can be baju raya as well lah(reuse, reduse, recycle wooo). -no picture ok... baju raya, then raya baru tengok la
  2. online trading!!! i just bought a pair of north star shoe for my little sister (she's not so little actually) haaa...! -got a picture for this
  3. another online trading!! this time a clothes for me. It's a pre-order stuff, order direct from korea. (so, basicaly it's a latest korean fashion!! it's 'in-thing' now!!! bought 3pcs, all just cost me about RMY70. I just received the parcel yesterday, took me just about 2 weeks waiting - also got a picture for this stuff...but not transfer it yet. busy lah sekarang.
  4. yet another online trading!! hahaha.... this time it's a geo lens also direct from korea. Another 'in-thing' nowaday u know... it's a color lens with enlarging effect, so that your eyes look likes a barbie doll or manga anime!! sound interesting right. The vendor promise me that i can wear it during raya... maybe next week i will get the stuff. can't wait!mine is CK-107 :)
p/s-kalau nak order dari saya pun boleh jgk ni... murah je sbb direct dari korea kan. next batch ni, closing datenya 14th sept tau...

ok, cukup pasal membeli, sekarang pasal menjual pulak... anggunjelita dah masuk barang baru, AVON!!!! (at last!) dengan kemasukan barang avon, saya mulakan dengan top listed punya barang. Dimulakan dengan Ultra Luxury Eye Liner yang dapat best beauty buy dalam women's weekly untuk kategori best eye liner below RM50.mmm... nak kena promote web ni hari-hari supaya ranking naik... jangan marah la ye para pembaca sekalian. masuk je dalam tu, then shopping la... :)

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